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Radio 101 for Responders + BYOR Commex


Radio 101 for Responders

Basics of public-safety radio systems and interoperability in Oklahoma. Understanding basic concepts helps responders stay connected in areas of poor system coverage. Portables vs. mobiles vs. bases vs. repeaters, strengths/weaknesses of various frequency bands, analog vs. digital, conventional vs. trunked systems, in-system signaling/toning, mutual-aid frequencies and other interoperability assets, and smartphone radio apps will be discussed. ICS best practices and associated assignment of tactical communications resources will be presented. Experienced interoperability practitioners will benefit by obtaining the latest updates on interoperability operations, which will improve their ability to work with outside agencies to ensure an efficient response.

Bring Your Own Radios Commex

Familiarizes players with their own radios, ensures that they have the right interoperability channels, that they’re programmed correctly, that they know how to access them, and to break the ice talking on their radios. This can involve portable radios, mobile radios, or both.


This offering approved for 4 hours of OSU-FST and/or CLEET credit as appropriate.

Student Equipment

The "Bring Your Own Radios" Commex requires all students to... bring their own radios.  This hands-on exercise is designed to help familiarize students with how to find and use interoperability resources in their everyday radios.  There may be a limited number of portable radios available, but this should not relied on.

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